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How The Nets Could Beat An Elite Team: Heat Pt. 3

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The first two games of the season against the Miami Heat count (lost by a combined 43 points) but not really as we are under the new regime of PJ Carlisimo. Boasting a 13-4 record under PJ the Nets look to jump in the standings and become a dominant force in the East.  However they want to look at it they’re coming up against a pretty good LeBron James and the Heat team although flawed. So is there a way for the Nets to finally get a win against the Heat in LeBron’s first visit to Brooklyn? Well lets take a look:


       1. Stop Dwyane Wade

  • Wade has struggled in seven games this season and in all seven of those games the Heat have lost. Its unfair to put all the blame on him but when your second best player on the team is shooting 30% (FG/48 min) its hard to look elsewhere.
  • I suggest putting Gerald Wallace on him. Someone as active as Gerald Wallace would be able to disrupt Wades flow and as discipline a defender as Wallace he probably would not fall for Wades pump fakes.

2. Limit their rebounds

  • The Heat are not a great rebounding team ranking dead last in the NBA. They usually get out rebounded every game so try and get Offensive Rebounds and the one man to do this is the notorious trash talker and rebounder, Reggie Evans.

3. Limit LeBrons playmaking ability 

  • In the Heat losses this season, LeBron has avg <7 assists. This will be the Nets biggest task. PJ even called LeBron unstoppable. There’s not many options to do this. A zone might work but if you give LeBron corner shooters the Nets will get ran out of the gym.

4. Take advantage of Brooklyn

  • The Heat are 10-10 on the road. Brooklyn has one of the most electric atmospheres. The Nets need to get the crowd going early. Nuff said.


Who knows maybe the Nets can do all of these things and win. Theyre 2-1 against their NYK rivals and the NYK are the superior team by far. So anything is possible.


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