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Mid-Season Profile: Brooklyn Nets

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The city is under new management


Sorry Jay, NYC is not under new management which is oddly the title of my blog. Ironic isn’t it? Even though the Brooklyn Nets are 2-1 against the NYK they’ve managed to struggle against the elite teams (I have to admit under PJ Carlismo is doing an extremely better job than Avery Johnson and has amassed an 17-8 record). They have 2 quality wins against top tier teams under PJ (they beat Chicago except that game they were missing Boozer and Noah) and have lost miserably San Antonio (2), Miami, Houston, and Memphis by a combined of 17.8 points. So lets that an extensive look at the Nets profile:

  • 9th in Offensive Efficiency 
  • 14th in Defensive Efficiency
  • 20th in PPG
  • 15th in RPG
  • 27th in APG

This is pretty self explanatory. The Nets arent very good at all. But why? With the 3rd highest team salary at ~$83 million per year they should be able to purchase wins. Their highest played players are Joe Johnson ($19.7 mill), Deron Williams ($17.2 mill) and Brook Lopez ($13.7 mill). However as far as wins produced, respectively here are their rankings: Joe Johnson (2.7 wins, 21st amongst SG), Deron Williams (4 wins, 14th amongst PG) and Brook Lopez (3.7 wins and 18th amongst center C). So already we can see that their team salary doesn’t match the output of wins, therefore they really aren’t getting the most bang out of their buck (the Lakers are far worse with the highest payroll (~$99 mill) and they’re under .500!!!!

The first half of the season the Nets managed to post a record of 33-20 with an 11th ranked SOS (pretty decent) and the remaining SOS is ranked 16th. So things do get easier. Personally, I don’t think this team can make a run deep into the playoffs with Ind and Mia being the projected top two teams. There’s still an entire second half of the season to play so its still quite possible for the Nets to overtake the NYK but Joe Johnson is possibly playing the worst season of his career and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

And we’re only touching the surface of their problem. Stay tuned for continued Nets support.


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