Nothin' But NETS

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't

Say What?

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I chose not to continue writing about the Brooklyn Nets for several reasons but it was mainly because they’re terrible. Many people say they have a big three but lets be honest their most efficient player was Reggie Evans which is not a good thing. With that aside Joe Johnson is by far the most average overpaid “Superstar” in the NBA this year not named Carmelo Anthony.  To be contenders you must have a 52 win season, a dominant big (or LeBron) and a top 10 player. The Nets did not not meet any of these requirements nor will they in the future (maybe perhaps 52 wins). So therefore there was no need to talk about the Nets nor continue talking about them until the offseason (where they’ll hopefully trade Joe for some draft picks and assets). Of course PJ Carlisimo was the scapegoat and was unfortunately fired. Bad move for the Nets.


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