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Heat-Spurs Brief Preview

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The Heat are coming off a dominating performance in game 7 of the Pacers series while the Spurs are coming closely contested (2 OT games) sweep of the Memphis Grizzles. Now the Heat and Spurs have finally crossed paths once again in the NBA Finals (previously in 2007 when the Heat Cavaliers were swept) and this time they look like equals rather than a total mismatch. The Original Big Three vs The New Big Three. Past vs Present. Popovich vs Riley. Traditional vs Unorthodox. Big vs Small Ball. I can go on and on but there is a more important issue here than mere comparisons: can the old ass Spurs compete with the Heat (commonly referred to as the Heatles by Heat doubters)? Lets take a look at these two teams profiles throughout the playoffs:


  • Heat- Ranked fourth in the playoffs
  • Spurs – Ranked first in the playoffs


  • Heat – Ranked first in the playoffs
  • Spurs – Ranked second in the playoffs

Primary Offensive Plays:

  • Heat – Spot Up (27%)
  • Spurs – Pick and Roll (30%)

Best Defensively Against:

  • Heat – Pick and Roll (1)
  • Spurs – Spot Up (1st) and Transition (1st)


  • Heat – 3 point shooting/Wade/Bosh
  • Spurs – Kawhi Leonard

If I could pick the biggest question concern one team going into the playoffs is the health of Wade and Bosh. We saw flashes of Flash in game 7 when he was able to get into transition due to the Heats blitzing defense. While Bosh couldn’t hit a shot all series he has come up big against the Spurs being able to take Duncan off dribble with ease. The five out set the Heat love to run (despite being inefficient against good defenses as in the Pacers series). What works well for the Heat is the Horns set which is a two high post set which gets movement for LeBron as well as an open shot for Bosh. We know the Spurs are meticulous in terms of running offensive sets  mainly P&Rs for Tony Parker with as many as 3 screens, which then allows Duncan to slip behind the screen for the mid-range jump shot.  With that being said its hard to see where one team has a clear distinct advantage over the other. So as the great Magic Johnson said “If two teams are evenly matched, chose the team with the best player in the world.” Well said. Miami in 7.


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